Five reasons to hide the tech in your business

Is technology too visible in your business?

It was 1994 when I got my first email account. It was Eudora, the original access  involved a Dos prompt and knowing the commands to type to bring up an inbox and then open an item. It was mind blowing when they released Windows 3.1 and it was icon driven. It only took 35 seconds for email to open.

I started hanging out with an artist’s crew at Surrey University in the UK, I became fascinated in arts discussion about the future, a guy called Henry Rollins with a song called disconnect, how science fiction predicted our future. Scary just how right they’ve got it, even scarier considering what that means for the future.

I was studying biochemistry, 1996 began teaching myself IT and for the past 20 years have been fascinated with how technology can improve our lives. That was the way it was for some time. Then the tech and big data started moving beyond the people.

Technology can be powerful, but we need to make it less visible to differentiate herself as humans in the travel industry as opposed to people working the websites. Technology is threatening for technology’s sake.

Take the technology out of the visible equation and put the people back in. There are five reasons why technology needs to have a lower presence in your business:

  1. If your customers think you are creating their itineraries from websites, what’s to stop them doing it for themselves?
  2. How do you feel sitting with someone who is spending lots of time on the computer that you can’t see… Like a bank? Is that personal?
  3. Build up an itinerary, but deliver it in person – an itinerary delivered by a person becomes a dream; an itinerary generated by a website become something to compare…. With another website
  4. Websites aren’t as good as value adding or up selling
  5. Your ability to tell a story can be your point of difference. 100 words or less in a webpage that you send to somebody has none

It’s not saying run away from technology, it’s not to say technology is not important. People like dealing with people. Especially the ones who take the time to contact the travel agent

Get back to being human.  Get away from it all. Go on a holiday. Get the human touch.




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