Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo hosts autumn “Ikebana”

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo hosts autumn “Ikebana”

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo hosts autumn “Ikebana”

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo, one of Japan’s most prestigious international hotels located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, has hosted a special “Ikebana” flower arrangement exhibition in collaboration with renowned artist Hiroki Maeno from October 21 to November 5, 2017. Hiroki Maeno creates a majestic flower arrangement that measures 2.7 meters wide by 5 meters tall, using maple, chrysanthemums and other colorful flowers and plants to represent the red and yellow colors of the autumn leaves in Japan to welcome our guests.

Hiroki Maeno has created beautiful “Ikebana” flower arrangements for display in our hotel lobby timed with the arrival of each new season, four times a year. As part of this autumn’s exhibition, he will also hold a complimentary live “Ikebana Performance” to create a medium sized arrangement in front of his large arrangement from 5:00p.m. on October 30 (Monday), 2017.

The Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo’s spacious lobby area with high ceilings allows for the large “Ikebana” flower arrangement to be beautifully displayed. Hiroki Maeno uses his skills as both an “Ikebana” flower arrangement artist and space designer to create an arrangement to beautifully accentuate our lobby space. His last arrangement was received with great admiration by the numerous guests visiting our hotel from around the world and has become a popular spot for commemorative pictures.

Also, the hotel has offered special 45 minute workshops to teach guests about “Ikebana” flower arrangement which is held on every other Thursday in a private room for JPY3,000 per participant. Instruction and commentary are provided by the artist Hiroki Maeno.

Over 75 percent of the guests staying at the Keio Plaza Hotel are overseas visitors from over 100 different countries. Therefore, the Keio Plaza Hotel hosts various events throughout the year as opportunities for our guests to experience the beauty of Japanese traditional culture.

“Ikebana” Flower Arrangement Experience by Renowned Artist Hiroki Maeno

“Japanese Hospitality through Flowers – a Colorful Autumn’s Dream”
October 21 (Saturday) to November 5 (Sunday), 2017 (Until 6:00p.m. on the last day of the exhibition)
Venue: 3rd Floor Lobby, Main Tower
Admission: Complimentary

■Live “Ikebana” Flower Performance
Date: October 30 (Monday), 2017
Time: Approximately 40 minutes from 5:00p.m.
Venue: 3rd Floor Lobby, Main Tower
Admission: Complimentary

■”Ikebana” Flower Arrangement Workshop
Date: The 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month
Time: 4:30p.m.~5:15p.m.
Location: Private room Family Parlor “Emerald”, 9th Floor of the South Tower (Limited to about 6 guests for both staying guests and visitors)
Fee: JPY3,000 per adult (Includes flower materials, service fees and taxes)
Instructor: Ikebana Flower Arrangement Artist Hiroki Maeno

<Ikebana Flower Arrangement Artist Hiroki Maeno>
Hiroki Maeno is able to produce many different styles of works using his protean skills and ingenious arrangements which pleasantly surprise all those who view them.He has been asked to create flower arrangements for the APEC Energy Meeting held in Kyoto, the 1300 Year Anniversary of the Jinguji Temple, and numerous other events including television programs and plays.


Source = Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo
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