UK-based accessibility audit company to enter UAE market

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UK-based accessibility audit company to enter UAE market

UK-based accessibility audit company to enter UAE market

Steven Mifsud, Chief Executive of Direct Access, a UK-based company engaged in providing accessibility solutions and accessibility audit for government and private sector, which participated in AccessAbilities Expo, said the company will soon be offering its services in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Direct Access, which has provided accessibility audit to over 3,500 large organisations from Houses of Parliament to Gatwick Airport, Virgin Trains, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a much higher number of companies across different sectors.

“During this expo, we met representatives from government and private sectors covering almost every segment of the economy. We had very rewarding participation and I am pleased to share that we have received interest from major government bodies in the UAE and we will soon be providing our services to them,” said Mifsud.

He said implementing the Dubai design code to make buildings disabled-friendly is a major initiative toward inclusion and empowering people having disabilities. “For companies and organisations to comply with the code, they need expert analysis and consultation, which is what we will be providing.”

Source = AccessAbilities Expo
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