A-sham – the third Arab food festival


A-sham – the third Arab food festival

A-sham – the third Arab food festival


A-sham, the Arab Food Festival, will take place for the third consecutive year in downtown Haifa from December 13-15, 2017, celebrating the world of Arab cuisine and showcasing forgotten dishes from the Levant. More than 70 leading chefs and culinary experts from the Arab (Muslim, Christian and Druze) and Jewish sectors will work together to give their personal, contemporary interpretations of traditional dishes from the Levant food culture, hosted by dozens of downtown city restaurants and bars, including specially-created festival menus and dishes. The festival, an initiative of the Downtown Haifa Administration and under the creative direction of 2014 Master Chef Israel winner Dr. Nof Atamna-Ismaeel, will also include street food, cooking workshops, lectures, pop-up stores, music, dance and parties

The word A-sham in Arabic refers to the geographic area known as the Levant, with its famous Arab cuisine, which stretches from Aleppo in the north through to the Negev in the south, in Lebanon and Trans-Jordan. The festival dishes include traditional foods with sentimental value in Levantine food culture, typically served at life-cycle events such as weddings, births and mourning, as well as seasonal dishes and dishes using local ingredients that are identified with a particular region or village, alongside dishes that are based on superstition or have “healing properties”.

Many of the festival dishes will be priced at an accessible NIS 35, with some restaurants offering special humus chef dishes, a wider festival menu and even gourmet meals with advance reservation.

Among the participants: Osama Delal, Salah Kurdi, Hussam Abbas, Mayssir Abu Shehadeh, Alaa Musa, Nashaat Abbas, Mo’in Halabi, Amos Sion, Elias Matar, Ali Khatib, Dohul Safdie, Omar Alwan, Ahmed Salameh, Sabina Waldman, Adnan Dahar and Maher Araida.

Chefs creating special humus dishes for the festival include, among others, Haim Tibi, Nir Tzuk, Avi Biton, Ayelet Latovich/Mahneyuda group and Efrat Enzel.

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