Collette announces unprecedented selection

Oberammergau-credit Florian Wagner_TB

Collette announces unprecedented selection Oberammergau-credit Florian Wagner_TB

Collette announces unprecedented selection

In the spirit of Christmas, renowned tour operator Collette has introduced several new European tours featuring the highly anticipated Oberammergau Passion Play. This event is already in high demand for 2020, and with the arrival of the festive season comes the welcome announcement that travellers wishing to experience this iconic performance will have more choice of tours than ever before.

Collette’s new Passion Play tours, which combine several of its most popular existing European itineraries with this once-in-a-decade experience, have been announced in the wake of overwhelming public response to its initial range of Oberammergau tours.

Alison Mead, General Manager of Collette Australia, says ticket and travel options are booking out fast for the coveted 10-yearly event. “We have had an incredible amount of interest since announcing our Oberammergau Passion Play tours for 2020. These tours are a great option for travellers wanting to experience this iconic event without having to worry about navigating the unprecedented demand for tickets, accommodation and travel arrangements,” said Mead.

Tourists from all over the world clamour for tickets to see this historic event which takes place once every decade in the small Bavarian hamlet of Oberammergau. Securing seats to the world’s most famous Passion Play is akin to booking for a World Cup.
Collette offers tours which visit Oberammergau each year, having developed excellent relationships within the region which means travellers and arts aficionados are in good hands. 2020 is slated to be one of the most impressive years yet, as Collette’s newly-expanded range of inspired itineraries offer the chance for travellers to get close to the action with stays in hotels just a stone’s throw away from the Passion Play theatre.
Collette’s newly-introduced suite of tours featuring the 2020 Oberammergau Passion Play includes: Imperial Cities, Austrian Delight, Classic Danube River Cruise, Discover Switzerland, Austria & Bavaria, and Alpine Explorer & Glacier Express Train. The much-loved itineraries of these classics favourites are complemented by the chance to experience one of Germany’s oldest cultural treasures, the Oberammergau Passion Play. These tours will follow their established itineraries before finishing up in the charming village of Oberammergau, nestled in the Bavarian Alps, where travellers will bear witness to this spectacular performance.

Oberammergau’s devout villagers first performed this play in 1634 in the hope that they would be spared the devastating effects of the Black Death plague which was decimating Europe. Miraculously, the villagers survived the pandemic and as a token of their thanks to God, they have continued to perform their passion play ever since. Profits from the show are reinvested in the village, enabling it to provide the services and infrastructure necessary for future generations to experience the marvels of this colourful show.
The 16-act Passion Play follows the final period of the Messiah’s life, ending with the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. Tradition dictates that the play is performed in years ending in zero with a cast chosen from the villagers who have either resided in Oberammergau for more than 20 years or who were born there. Locals vie for the 2,000 roles as performers, technicians and musicians in this seminal work which is performed in German. Language barriers are clearly not an issue for audiences as more than half a million spectators viewed the production when it last took place in 2010.

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