MSC Armonia adds Miami as homeport to Cuba itinerary

MSC ArmoniaMSC Armonia adds Miami as homeport to Cuba itinerary


MSC Cruises, the world’s largest privately-owned cruise company and leading cruise line in Europe and South America, today announced that, as of 10 December, 2018, MSC Armonia will add Miami to its 7-night Cuba & the Caribbean itinerary and will homeport there alongside MSC Divina and MSC Seaside. With the addition of Miami, guests will be able to enjoy an even richer itinerary across the Caribbean, as well as benefit from more in- and outbound traveling options for their cruise holiday. MSC Cruises will be the only cruise line offering a 7-night programme regularly including two days in Havana, featuring the largest and most modern cruise ships calling Cuba.

Gianni Onorato, MSC Cruises’ CEO, commented: “Miami is known internationally as the “Cruise Capital of the World” and it is often referred to as the world’s leading cruise port as it continues to excel in its principal homeport status with modern passenger terminal facilities, great accommodation options and outstanding end-to-end logistics and supply chain infrastructure. It is a truly exciting destination in itself and guests who visit Miami will enjoy a destination unlike any other, with a dramatic skyline, bustling cultural life, arts, great food, entertainment and so much more, as well as all that the State of Florida and beyond has to offer.”

“Additionally,” added Mr Onorato, “by having Miami as homeport this will give European and international guests an opportunity to add a pre- or post- cruise portion to their land holiday from New York, Orlando or other U.S. cities. Miami also offers a greater array of inbound and outbound options when traveling from within the U.S. or internationally.”

MSC Armonia was the first ship in MSC Cruises’ $250 million Renaissance Programme and has been recently and extensively overhauled, in late 2014. The ship has been tailored with a wide range of amenities and services for families; exquisite, varied dining offerings; outstanding, all-hours entertainment; a broad choice of relaxation and wellness options, and more, all provided with a touch of Mediterranean flair and flavour.

With her new 7-night itinerary, MSC Armonia’s guests will embark in Miami on Mondays, with the ship then calling Montego Bay (Jamaica), Georgetown (Cayman Islands), Cozumel (Mexico) to finally arrive in the Cuban capital on Saturday and stay through to Sunday, before heading back to Florida and Miami.

While in Cuba, guests will be able to choose from a broad range of shore experiences rich in cultural and historical discovery. The Caribbean island is a unique cultural hub, offering a distinct combination of traditions thanks to its rich heritage, unique in the region.

For more information contact 1300 028 502 (AU) or 0504 278 473 (NZ) or

Source = MSC Cruises

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