Murder in the Maldives…

Murder in the Maldives…


It’s okay to embellish a hotel description , but outright lying will definitely lead to drama.


*  Tempting to name this hotel.  Pax were forced to sign a disclaimer  saying this would not be aired in a public forum…

A disaster in the making

Honeymoon. Maldives. Trip of a lifetime. Trusted agent referred (more on the agent shortly), amazing website. Great reviews.  All boxes ticked. Lets go!

The evolution of hotel ratings

 Global standard ? Globally all over the place. Australia has one of the best systems, in some countries a single body manages them, the Maldives a 4-Star:

Everything you need and more: These notable lodgings offer a memorable luxury experience with high-end rooms, dining, amenities, style and service.”

…and you decide it yourselves.

Ever since social media democratised and aggregated our opinions, the hotel star system has lost its shine. Self moderation and error traps to catch out fake reviews are what we look for.

Hotel descriptions are the least trustworthy source of information. They weren’t going to write and say the hotel on the other atoll were better…

(See the footnote on what roomsXML/stuba did about hotel descriptions)

The drama defined

  • The website bathroom photograph appears was from another country
  • Hotels can be “a little bit tired” – this one was on an IV drip in intensive care
  • four of the dimmest stars in the history of the galaxy
  • plastic replacing palm fronds on hasty repairs that have lasted years too long
  • Description included “WTF” and “YHTBFKM”, no LOL or ROFL

Pax complained and were asked to sign a disclaimer, stating no more public complaining, a free upgrade, for which they were later asked $100… Silly manager. Put it on a hotel letterhead.

How about the agent?

Total superstar. They had done an impossible amount of ground work before the booking was made. They didn’t complain but wanted us to know about the dodgy description. So upset they felt they had let someone down. Faultless. We can’t undo a dodgy hotel experience from March but we will go above and beyond for those who maintain fairness, integrity and dignity – these are the agents we want to make look like rockstars.

Five tips on choosing a hotel that really, you can know nothing about

  • Check Tripadvisor and at least one other source
  • Jump to page 7 of reviews
  • Ignore the hotel’s own description
  • See the same image for a number of reviewer profiles ? Dodgy
  • Look at the traveller photo archive, not the hotels

Can you expect better from your wholesalers?

 It’s the reason we changed the way we present property descriptions. There were just too many hotels on the beach in Bali… We are now using an algorithm that compiles and aggregates comments and scores to get an accurate, unbiased description of properties. Perfect? Probably not, but certainly better.


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