The Ranch Malibu’s top-of-the-line amenities just got cooler

The Ranch Malibu’s top-of-the-line amenities just got cooler

The Ranch, the healthy lifestyle company with two acclaimed results-oriented fitness and wellness retreats, is pleased to announce a partnership with Impact Cryotherapy, the leading brand for whole body cryotherapy, bringing the revolutionary cold treatment to The Ranch Malibu, beginning this September. Offered as an elective service, cryotherapy will further enhance The Ranch Malibu’s wellness programming and top-of-the-line amenities. Those who choose to participate will maximize their results, experiencing quicker recovery times following the demanding daily program, increased physical energy, a metabolism boost and heightened mental clarity.

 One of the most cutting-edge tools to improve performance and recovery in elite athletes, The Ranch joins a select group, including NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL teams and Division 1 collegiate programs, in offering an Impact Cryotherapy sauna to its guests. Using extremely low temperatures to quickly restore and refresh the body, the therapy takes place in a chamber called a cryosauna, which uses nitrogen gas at temperatures as low as -184° Fahrenheit for up to three minutes.  As temperatures cool, oxygen is pushed through the body at a rapid rate to reduce inflammation and pain and assist in muscle recovery. Whole body cryotherapy is also known to promote fat burning and a healthy metabolism, allowing guests at The Ranch Malibu to accelerate their results during their stay.

 “We want to incorporate the most innovative and effective wellness offerings into our program and as the leading provider in cryosaunas we are excited to partner with Impact Cryotherapy to launch this service at The Ranch,” said Alex Glasscock, CEO and Founder of The Ranch Malibu. “After trying this therapy myself I knew the unique benefits of the treatment, such as easing soreness, supporting recovery, enhancing sleep and revving the metabolism is the perfect complement to long days of hiking and pushing one’s body to the limit for which The Ranch is known.”

 “As the industry leader in U.S.-made cryosaunas, one of the key markets we serve are luxury spas who only want the best for their guests,” said Richard Otto, CEO, Impact Cryotherapy. “Impact Cryotherapy is proud to partner with The Ranch as they continue to grow and offer a premier wellness experience.”

The Ranch Malibu will begin offering whole body cryotherapy in September, securing its place among the world’s most innovative resorts.  There will be one Impact Cryotherapy Sauna on property for guests to use on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons to supplement the fitness programming, which includes daily hikes, yoga, and exercises classes. Individual sessions cost $50.

 For more information and reservations, please visit, or call 888.777.2177.

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