Journeys of Change – Penny Hall

Journeys of Change – Penny Hall

Sometimes it takes an employment opportunity or a diminishing business to open our hearts and minds to what else we can do. Sometimes life throws more significant challenges with more drastic results.

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Journeys of Change – Penny Hall

Sometimes you get someone like Penny Hall who has faced to worst and recreated herself. Not only a TravelManager, Penny is a few weeks away from running a Sunday afternoon course in Adelaide written in conjunction with her two teenage daughters.

“The universe brought me here. I am always searching for “more”. At times it felt like a path of self destruction as I surrounded myself with the wrong people. Something had to give, and it did.”

Knowing the back story, it’s staggering to see the new Penny with her feet firmly on the ground.  “The peace I live with is a delight every day. I am calm, accepting and truly at my “homebase” of life, where I am supposed to be, the reason why I was born, my “why” for being here.”

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Journeys of Change – Penny Hall

How can go through pain and re live and re structure it to produce valuable content? This is exactly what Penny has done with her new course “Hey, what’s going on?”, Teenager Youth Workshop, just for You & Your Teen.

“I am a parent to two incredible teenagers. The teenage years can be some of the most memorable, both good and bad. Myself and my girls talk like there’s no tomorrow and we wanted to get our own conversations “out there”, with other teens and their parents/carers.”

The course covers strategies for teens to use, conversations about the life of teenagers today, understanding cause-and-effect of good and bad choices and learning to listen to one another as people.

It’s a massive change to make – the relative comfort of booking travel to putting yourself out there, being vulnerable with the aim of sharing and benefiting others. Change is the greatest challenge.

“Changes can be so overwhelming,  causing an overload of thoughts, feelings and emotions. Thoughts which may appear to be real, can be made up. Emotions can well up and become so dramatic, we sink further down our misery hole of no return.

“Unexpected change can happen at a glimpse, a moment in time. Other change, can be slow and steady.”

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Here is Penny’s top five for anyone contemplating a big change in their life:

  1. Plan and talk to someone
  2. Breath
  3. Gather your values, write these down.
  4. Nurture your soul with what you know makes you happy & peaceful
  5. Set new goals, even just one to begin with

As a proud sponsor of the event, Stuba are giving away 10 tickets to the first 10 people who ask!

For more information:

Hey, what’s going on?”

Sunday 11 November 2018

Adelaide, South Australia

Youth & Parent (carer/guardian/grandparent) event.

Opening up conversations, looking at expectations, group activities, games, prizes & more conversations.

Comfortable, non evasive, safe.

Co-hosted with my own (brave) teenagers!

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  1. Michelle Zienkiewicz October 16, 2018 at 11:42 am - Reply
    Hi, I'd like to enter to win a double entry to Penny's teenage youth event. I have a teenager and this is perfect timing!! Thank you Michelle

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