W Hotels Worldwide Takes Innovative Fashion Next Program Global

Following the successful launch of the Spring 2012 season Fashion Next designers handpicked by the newly appointed W Global Fashion Director Jenné Lombardo at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City, the Fashion Next now travels to ELLE Fashion Week Bangkok – Thailand, one of the most prominent fashion events to take place in Asia yesterday. In collaboration with ELLE Magazine Thailand, W Hotels Worldwide announces Ek Thongprasert the first Thai designer to become part of the Global Fashion Next – an industry first initiative to support emerging Fashion Designers.

W Hotels Worldwide kicks off Elle Fashion Week Bangkok with the Global Fashion Next’sannouncement of Ek Thongprasert as the first Thai designer to be a part of the global initiative supported by W Hotels. The announcement is made by the newly appointed Global Fashion Director Jenné Lombardo who made her appearance in her new role for the first time in Asia Pacific. With Lombardo at the helm, Fashion Next, for the first time in the program’s history, brings emerging fashion talent to a global audience. As part of the initiative, W Hotels will host Fashion Next Designers’ official presentations at various renowned fashion shows in their respective countries. Throughout the remainder of the year, all of the selected Fashion Next Designers will have the opportunity to travel to W Hotels around the world and collaborate with the W brand on other W fashion and design projects worldwide.

“As W Hotels continues to expand globally, we have a great opportunity to provide a platform for supporting and showcasing what’s new and next in fashion,” said Eva Ziegler, Global Brand Leader, W Hotels Worldwide and Le Méridien. “We are taking the W Hotels Fashion Next program global for the first time, which now allows us to share our point of view on fashion with W guests and locals around the world.”

W Hotels Supports one Emerging Designer during ELLE Fashion Week in Bangkok
For the first time in the W brand’s history, the Fashion Next program will this season be brought to a global level, with designer showcases at fashion weeks from New York City to London, Moscow, and Bangkok. This season’s Fashion Next designer EK Thongprasert represents a wide variety of styles and influences, from cutting-edge digital prints to feminine pieces made with hand-dyed silks.
A graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, in Antwerp, Ek Thongprasert established Curated in Bangkok 2009. A conceptual fashion brand for men and women, Curated fuses various design disciplines to create extraordinary everyday clothes.
The hallmark of Curated’s design philosophy is a strong approach toward the ideological. Each collection is a complex combination of thought and design elements that come from a deep analysis into a specific concept. The result is a collection that is wholly unique. Each silhouette in a give collection is completely individual, and different from the next.

W Hotels Unveils its new Global Fashion Director for the First Time in Asia Pacific 

Following the successful appointment and introduction of its first Global Fashion Director earlier in 2010, W Hotels Worldwide recently announced Jenne Lombardo – a global trendsetter with a knack for identifying what’s new and next in fashion to take over the reins. As the W brand continues to expand its international footprint and opens in fashion capitals around the world, Lombardo will be instrumental in developing strategic initiatives and partnerships that showcase W’s innovative point of view on fashion.

Fashion authority and New York style icon, Jenné Lombardo is the founder of Terminal Presents – a consultancy firm focusing on pairing brands with different talents in fashion, arts, music and pop culture – and director of and curator of M.A.C & Milk. Her intuitive approach to bringing like-minded brands together led her to the creation of M.A.C. & Milk, connecting the renowned beauty brand with a raw space to create a unique platform for emerging designers during New York Fashion Week.  M.A.C. & Milk now serves as one of the premiere Fashion Week programs, providing space and other services to more than 40 designers per season. Several high-profile designers have been showcased at these events, including Alexander Wang, Band of Outsiders, Lulu Frost, Matthew Ames, Proenza Schouler, Suno, and Vena Cava.  Prior to working with M.A.C & Milk, Lombardo served as the Executive Director of Global Fashion, Talent, and Special Events at M.A.C., where she launched projects with celebrities and artists, including the Viva Glam campaign with Lady Gaga, on a global level.

During the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City, Lombardo introduced the 3rd generation of designers for this season’s W Hotels Fashion Next program, which is an industry-first initiative that fosters and supports emerging designers. Her handpicked designers included Bibhu Mohapatra, Nomia, Juan Carlos Obando, Michael Angel, Electric Feathers and Rochambeau.

Exclusive to Bangkok ELLE Fashion week, Jenne Lombardo will be making her appearance for the first time in Asia Pacific as W Global Fashion Director where she will unveil the first Fashion Next Designer from Thailand – Ek Thongprasert.

“I am very thrilled to be visiting the iconic fashion city of Bangkok, and most importantly as W Global Fashion Director. I have a fear of flying but this Bangkok Elle Fashion week is too big for me not to attend,” said Jenne Lombardo. “As part of my first assignment to identify Global Fashion Next Designers, I am very excited to welcome Ek Thongprasert who will be a part of our Global Fashion Next initiative. His extraordinary and timeless design together with his creativity represents what we look for in our designers,” continued Jenne Lombardo.

W Hotels VIP Lounge – a Hot Spot for Celebrities and Trendsetters

After the much celebrated success of the W Lounge last year, W Hotels will be hosting its signature VIP Lounge during the Elle Fashion Week for the second consecutive years. For 14 seasons, W Hotels has hosted a VIP Backstage Lounge backstage at New York Fashion Week. The W Lounge quickly became known as the most sought-after spot for celebrities and fashion’s elite including Heidi Klum, Victoria Beckham, Justin Timberlake and Dianne von Furstenberg, to mix, mingle and relax in style in between shows.

From 11th – 16th October, exclusive for the Bangkok Elle Fashion Week 2011, W hotels will be making a buzz among celebrities and trendsetters. On 13th -14th, W Lounge will feature Miaou Mix – one of the five rising talents from W Hotels and Burn Studios DJ Lab.  The vibes of W Lounge and music mixes by Miaou Mix will provide a perfect teaser for what’s new and what’s next in W lifestyles and what’s awaiting trendsetters with the opening of W Hotel Bangkok in August 2012.

"This introduction of W’s lifestyle using the international language of the brand’s passion for fashion, music and design will help to create brand awareness, and Elle Fashion Week is the perfect opportunity for Thailand," said Eva Ziegler, Global Brand Leader, W Hotels Worldwide and Le Meridien. "Being innovative and contemporary is our passion point. The exclusive W VIP Lounge will provide our selective guests an insider experience of what’s awaiting them in August 2012 when W Hotel Bangkok will be rolling out their red carpets to Thai trendsetters," Ziegler concluded.
Source = W Hotels Worldwide
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