airberlin increases capacity utilization in March

In March 2012, airberlin, Germany’s second-largest airline company, again increased capacity utilization in the context of its "Shape & Size" efficiency-increasing program. In monthly comparison, capacity utilization increased by 4.4 percentage points to 78.1 percent. In March 2011, airberlin had recorded a capacity utilization rate of 73.7 percent. Although airberlin reduced capacity by 6.7 percent in a targeted manner, the number of passengers decreased by only 1.1 percent, namely from 2,594,556 passengers in March 2011 to 2,565,164 passengers in March 2012.

From January to March, airberlin transported a total of 6,510,978 passengers. In the corresponding period of the previous year, airberlin welcomed 6,871,801 passengers on board (-5.3 percent). Over the first three months of the year, airberlin reduced capacity by 10 percent. Over the same period, airberlin was able to increase its capacity utilization rate from 72.5 percent to 76.3 percent (+3.8 percentage points).

March 2012

March 2012, accumulated

Capacity                               3,285,400   (-6.7 %)

Capacity                              8,526,242  (-10 %)

Number of passengers     2,565,164    (-1.1 %)

Number of passengers     6,510,978  (-5.3 %)

Capacity utilization rate in %     78.1 (+4.4 pts.)

Capacity utilization rate in %      76.3 (+3.8 pts.)

Source = Air Berlin
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