‘Bistro du Vin’ Opens Bringing a Complete French Bistro Experience to Hong Kong

Friendly neighbourhood cafe-restaurant, Bistro du Vin, recently opened its doors in the up-and-coming area of Kennedy Town. Tipped by many as Hong Kong’s next hot spot, the new eatery aims to bring a complete French bistro dining experience to the city.

From rustic, home-style provincial French cuisine to unpretentious bistro décor, table settings and ‘Edith Piaf’ background music, no effort was spared to create the ambience reminiscent of an authentic Parisian bistro.

The food served is unpretentious, paying homage to the rustic, earthy dishes cooked in classic French-style. Signature dishes range from homemade pork and duck patés and farmhouse-style duck rillettes to classic stews like bouillabaisse and braised beef cheek, suckling pig confit, plate-grilled baby squid and Grand Marnier soufflé with vanilla ice cream.

As fresh local produce is sourced daily at Bistro du Vin, the cafe-restaurant uses a chalkboard to feature the daily specials and seasonal seafood.

The wine selection focuses on wines made by terroir-driven growers, because the minerality and freshness found in such wines compliment the dishes on the menu well. The owner’s passion for wines from the Burgundy region is translated onto the wine list, making Bistro du Vin a great place to try a variety of wines this region has to offer.

The affordable wine list focuses on wines from terroir-driven producers, who allow nature to flourish, instead of wines with too much extraction and human intervention and is hand-picked for its minerality and freshness to compliment the hearty menu.

Sourced antique pieces with unique stories behind each of them give the new eatery history. A collection of Tastevins, small metal cups designed in ancient times in order to assess wine by candlelight, is showcased on the wall. The chairs are based on Michael Thonet’s bent wood chair #14. After more than 150 years, the Thonet chair became the bistro chair by excellence and represents the total dining experience Bistro du Vin strives for its guests.

With intimate seating for just 45 at 17 tables, Bistro du Vin is on Davis Street, next door to sister Italian restaurant Piccolo Pizzeria & Bar in up-and-coming West Soho, just 10 minutes from Central.

The set lunches on weekdays priced at just HK$98 for two courses and HK$118 for three.


Source = Bistro du Vin
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