OPENING SOON: Russian resort built for yeti-hunters

  New Russian resort based on mythical creature. Image:

A new Russian resort offering “much more than a simple tourist attraction” is set to open, encouraging its guests to seek out the elusive mythical yeti.

The planned Yeti Park in Sheregesh, Siberia will include a hotel and a museum, and is intended to attract those keen to be the first to prove the existence of the yeti, the Siberian Times reported.

Kemerovo Oblast regional governor Aman Tuleyev has offered a £20,500 reward to anyone who can catch a yeti and prove its existence.

The Yeti Park in Siberia plans to lure guests in the same way tour operators in Scotland exploit the tale of Loch Ness

“We are building the Yeti Park now, and of course there will be a chance for people who come here to see creature… for me having Yetis here means something much more than the simple tourist attraction,” Sheregesh local council deputy head and park owner Igor Idimeshev said.

Seminars and conferences relating to the yeti will also be held at the new resort.

Unfortunately for guests, even if they spot one of these giant hairy creatures, it may not be easy to capture.

“I’ve met these creatures several times here… they can suddenly disappear and re-materialise… and the yeti can walk on water,” Mr Idimeshev said.

Do you think you can catch a yeti or are you planning on visiting this new Siberian resort? Comments below.


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