Switzerland gets natural


Suppliers at STM 2009 are touting a ‘natural’ travel element in their products, as part of a push toward sustainable travel led by Switzerland Tourism.

The “Get Natural” marketing theme this year is also expected to help operators in a time of travel decline, according to the tourist board.

“It is a period of time that people rediscover values, sustainability becomes a lifestyle,” Switzerland Tourism CEO, Jurg Schmid said.

“True values and authenticity need to be part of the travel experience.  Sustainable travel is not a trend, its something we will live with and face for coming years.”

The tourism board, in conjunction with Swiss suppliers have produced specific nature travel products, accessible through the myswitzerland.com website.

“Nature is the number one reason why people like Switzerland, and it is a reality for many years.  There is a strong demand for nature travel, it is the most clicked icon on our website,” he said.

The products also come after Switzerland’s Parliament has officially recognised 15 per cent of Switzerland’s surface as a ‘nature park’, with 9 new regional parks announced recently. 

“Green is the new black, that is the lifestyle,” Mr Schmid said.

Operators have been invited to create internationally bookable packages with the CEO confident they will become “best sellers around the world”.

The tourism board also details ‘typically Swiss’ accommodation outlets on its website, with 238 already listed to fit with its strict criteria, which includes features from location to gastronomy and architecture.

For details on ‘nature’ travel products in Switzerland, visit www.myswitzerland.com/typically
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: D.M
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