Alternative flights for cancelled Olympic Airlines services

Alternative flights for cancelled Olympic Airlines services

As part of its privatisation process, Olympic Airlines has cancelled all services on 15 routes until further notice, including flights between Athens and Frankfurt, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Munich & Stuttgart.  

Passengers looking for replacement flights are using Aegean Airlines on the europebyair FlightPass as their replacement on these routes and more, since passengers using the FlightPass have been completely unimpacted during this turbulent time in Greek aviation.  A one-way fare Frankfurt to Athens is only AU$169.00 plus taxes.

Originally established as Aegean Aviation in 1992, Aegean Airlines last year carried more passengers than state-owned Olympic Airlines and now boasts a route network of 38 European & Greek cities.   In addition to the cities above, Aegean Airlines links Athens with London, Barcelona, Brussels, Paris, Milan, Rome & Venice as well as regional cities Cairo, Bucharest, Larnaca, Paphos, Sofia & Tirana.   Domestic points include Mykonos, Santorini, Corfu, Heraklion, Rhodes & Samos to name but a few.

All the above flights are available on the FlightPass, a flat-price discount ticket that allows passengers unrivalled flexibility to change their ticketed flight dates and even their destinations for free. 

Featuring bright, fresh cabin decor with leather seats, Aegean Airlines fleet currently consists of 21 Airbuses, 4 Boeing 737s, 6 Avro RJ100 jets manufactured by BAE Systems (British Aerospace) and 2 ATR-72-500 which operate to the smaller island airports.  The future prosperity of the airline is underscored by an order of 27 more Airbus A320/321 aircraft to be gradually delivered by 2010.

European flight prices reduced in time for Christmas holidays

And coming in perfect time for the Christmas holidays, today announced an immediate reduction in the cost of FlightPasses in Europe. 

Now AU$119.00 per flight, the Mini FlightPass applies on more than 220 domestic & short-haul flights throughout Europe.  The most popular of the three passes, the Classic FlightPass, has been reduced to AU$149.00 and is valid on more than 350 flights including perennially popular Rome, London & Paris to Split & Dubrovnik as well as 90 flights across the continent to & from Brussels plus more. has even stepped in to help passengers disrupted by the cancellation of Olympic Airlines flights by reducing the Premium FlightPass (applicable on international flights to/from Greece) to AU$169.00 per flight.

The FlightPass allows passengers the flexibility of changing their reservations for free, even changing their destination and/or airline for free if they want to.  Passengers pay any applicable taxes at the airport prior to checking in, thus being saved the inconvenience of having to have a traditional BSP ticket reissued just for the sake of a few dollars tax adjustment if they change their journey.

What’s more, there are no passenger check-in nor baggage check-in fees with the FlightPass – each airline’s standard checked baggage allowance is included free in the ticket, unlike many other discount carriers.

The FlightPass is the most flexible airpass available, not only allowing passengers to change their dates without penalty, they can even change their origin and/or destination and/or airline without penalty, something no other FlightPass offers.

The reduced prices apply until the end of this year.  For full details see

Source = Europe by Air
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