Flight Review (Part 2) of LH783 Bangkok (BKK) to Frankfurt (FRA) 7 Dec 09


Flight details:
I was confirmed to fly on Lufthansa flight LH783 from Bangkok to Frankfurt in the late evening of 7 December 2009 in seat 26H in Business Class.

Check-in and luggage allowance:
As I was in transit I didn’t need to check-in and my checked luggage from Australia was automatically placed onto LH783.

Lounge access:
I had access to all six of the Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge’s in Suvarnabhumi Airport. I went to one of the smaller ones near the transit gates and found it packed with tired passengers. The lounge had several business cubicles with computers, television, food and drink area and wireless internet.

Seat/Cabin conditions:
Lufthansa’s Business Class sleeperseat product on the B747-400 proved very comfortable for the nearly 12 hour flight. While the seat width of 20” was the same as my previous flight, the extra recline of 3° to 170° and its retractable armrests really made a difference. Pitch was only 60” but the flatter experience allowed me to shift my body easily during sleep and stretch out when awake. A panel on the left armrest also gave me the option to manually recline, expand and contract each section of the seat. The grey and navy blue hues of the cabin’s interiors also made it quite cosy for a red-eye flight.

Customer service:
Flight attendants constantly walked throughout the night with trays of fluids even though more than two-thirds of thepassengers in the cabin were asleep. I was happy that no-one woke me as I slept during the first seven hours of the flight and that when I awoke a bottle of water had been placed on my armrest, eliminating the hassle of asking for some while still half asleep. Attendants were also very timely in handing out warm towels at the start of the flight, after sleep time and near the end of the long flight.

 Meal and snack service:
I skipped the supper meal as I had fallen asleep, but I awoke in time for breakfast and chose the hot meal option. It comprised of two rolls of pasta with spinach filling, low fat yogurt and bread roll. The spinach was packed quite densely into the pasta, helping it retain its moisture and flavour. It was quite filling and satisfying enough for a morning meal.

There was a wider range of on-demand entertainment in Lufthansa’s inflight system compared to that of Thai Airways. An range of new releases, TV shows, family movies and music was on hand, with new films including Funny People, The Ugly Truth and Up.

On-time performance:
LH783 departed Bangkok on-time at 23:55 and arrived on-time in Frankfurt at 5:35 local time but cabin crew took a while to allow passengers to disembark.

Flight frequency:
LH783 flies four times a week on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: J.L
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