Flight Review Emirates Flight EK 128 Vienna to Dubai Business Class

Forget unidentified eating objects. On
Emirates, it’s filet of duck with roasted
fennel—and that’s just the starter
Goodbye, snowy Vienna, I’ll miss you
One of several seating areas in
VIE’s Priority Terminal

The busyness of Austria and Central Europe travel business at ACTB finished, it was, regrettably, time to leave Austria on a beautiful, crisp, sunny winter day, perfect for flying into the blue skies.  After the short, 16-minute train ride on Vienna’s efficient City Airport Train (CAT) from the city centre to VIE, check-in for this Emirates flight took place at the airport’s VIP and Business Services facility, called the Priority Terminal.  The Priority Terminal is available not only for political dignitaries, Hollywood stars, or international sports figures, but for anyone willing to pay the fee to be treated to the expedited service of a VIP.  The Priority Terminal is located in a separate area of the terminal immediately accessible by car.  Staff handle all the check-in formalities while you wait in the well-appointed lounge until it is time to board the flight.  For passengers with hand luggage only, it is possible to drive right from the Priority Terminal to the aircraft on the tarmac; the Priority Terminal has its own security and Immigration controls, allowing guests direct access to their flights in the terminal’s own vehicle.  Most of the Priority Terminal’s guests are not necessarily household names, but rather small groups such as families or business associates travelling together and looking to minimise airport stress.  In Vienna, not hard at all.

Vienna Airport’s Priority Terminal has its
own vehicle for transfers directly to the aircraft
Priority Terminal check-in
Emirates’ ICE system is an entertainment pleasure

Once on board Emirates’ Flight 128 to Dubai, the Business Class cabin was as much an haven of tranquillity as the Priority Terminal.  As always, the Emirates cabin crew were busy welcoming passengers with wide smiles and a variety of drinks to accompany them.  The 2-3-2 seating on the B777 was spacious enough for passengers to relax and enjoy the inflight service.  Some people in the industry claim Business and First Class are "all about the seat" but if that is true, airlines would not spend up big to provide innovative onboard entertainment or memorable dining experiences accompanied by fine wines and champagnes served by flight attendants in designer uniforms hopefully complemented by unfailing professionalism.  Luckily, all these are found on board Emirates.  Inflight cuisine was outstanding, and the ever enjoyable ICE system provided more than enough options for film and television entertainment, not to mention a flight information option that provides full-time updates on the journey’s progress.

Flight 128 arrived in Dubai and parked at a remote gate.  Oh no, not a dreaded bus transfer to the terminal!  Not this time; Emirates thoughtfully provides a separate bus for First and Business Class travellers, meaning its guests are not sardinised until the last person standing does not need to hold on to stay upright.  We alighted in the terminal unruffled and ready to roll.


Source = e-Travel Blackboard: R.L.B
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