Smooth sailing for Uniworld 2011: new ships, more destinations, plus kids cruising

Travel Corporation’s Phillapa Walker, John Molinaro, Nina Conacher

Uniworld Boutique River Cruises are set to re-introduce programmes to Russia , launch new itineraries for China, and will also for the first time introduce child-friendly departures, all to coincide with significant investments made to its fleet in recent years.

Focusing on “new, new, new” Managing Director, John Molinaro at the 2011 Europe & Russia brochure launch emphasized Uniworld’s commitment as the “world’s only boutique river cruise line“, offering cultural experiences for Australian clients, and on the brink of introducing two new ships to its fleet, will also have some of the newest product in the marketplace.

“The brochure is already getting a huge response, good signs for 2011,” Mr Molinaro said.

The new Russia itinerary is expected to draw significant interest in this market, which was re-instated after the company decided to deploy one of its newest ships conduct the tour.  It will now allow clients to cruise the entire continent with Uniworld.

“We stepped away from it (Russia) in 2010 because the ship just wasn’t right.  We took the financial hit to get the product right, and now we have gotten the ship we want and ready to start next year,” Mr Molinaro said.

The 2011 brochure offers 30 cruises incorporating Uniworld’s two newest ships, the largest vessel for the company at 73 staterooms, the River Antoinette, which will be used for its Castles Along the Rhine itinerary, and the Douro Spirit, which will sail along the Portugal, Spain & the Douro River Valley waterways. 

Other investments are being made to its entire fleet, upgrading and refurbishing current ships to add more balconies and adjoining rooms, which will be used for its upcoming Family Friendly itineraries. 

Mr Molinaro said demographics have changed in recent years, dropping to a “very young 50” allowing Uniworld to launch key departures for multi-generational travel next year.   Itineraries will focus on excursions of a “cultural” nature, according to Mr Molinaro, which will include cooking classes, German soft drink tasting and French lessons for youngsters between 4-18 years old.

Uniworld’s 2011 China Yangtze River cruises are set to be released in coming months in a separate brochure.

Early bird discounts are currently being offered for a number of itineraries across the brochure, including Family Friendly itineraries.

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