Prague in August: a crossroad of the world’s mixology



Prague will become a centre of the bartenders´ world in August. From 16th to 22nd August 2013, with the support of the Prague Convention Bureau, the 62nd International Bartenders´ Association (IBA) Meeting will take place in Hilton Prague which will be attended by 58 delegations representing national bartenders´ associations from all continents. If other 2 associations will be accepted, the IBA will reach 60 members right in Prague.

The meeting is organized by the Czech Bartenders´ Association, on behalf of the IBA, which celebrates 20th anniversary this year. It is a recognition of the high level of Czech bartenders that the event takes place in the Czech Republic for the second time; for the first time, it was held in Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary in 1997.

The meeting will include several events that will be open to both professionals and the general public,  particularly the World Cocktail Championship in preparing non-alcoholic cocktails Mattoni Grand Drink 2013 (17th August), World Championship in Flair bartending (19th August), and World Cocktail Championship in classic mixing (20th August). At the competition, the finalists who secured their participation by winning national rounds will perform. Thus, there will be possibility to see the current world´s bartender elite in Prague. At the same time, a number of top bartenders, who significantly influenced the development of this field in the past, will appear at the event.

The meeting will take place in the middle of cocktail period, when the mixed drinks have become a phenomenon which belongs to the gastronomic culture.

Source = Prague Convention Bureau
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