organized FAM Trip’s to Turkey, UK, Estonia & Finland

estonia, Kuwait, rewarded patronage of their Travel Agents in Kuwait by extending opportunity to familiarize on their top and upcoming designation in partnership with Airlines and Hotels in form of 3 Familiarization Trip. The FAM trips were organized to countries like Turkey, United Kingdom Estonia & Finland in order to make the travel agents familiar with the location visited and promote the same to their customers.

The first FAM trip to Turkey was organized with a partnership with Turkish Airlines, where in the group stayed in “Wyndham Grand Levent, Istanbul” with the cooperation of Mr. Nael Tamin, for the initial few days and got a chance to explore the property and city in a much luxurious manner. Continuing with the trip, the group then proceeded to BURSA, wherein stay at Sheraton Hotel was arranged by Mr. Talal Ammash “Starwood” and Ms. Zuhal Taskin “Sheraton Bursa” in order to get familiarize with the city and experience the property.

Furthermore, the group also experienced hotels like Ritz Carlton – Istanbul, Marriott Sisli, Elite World Hotels, Grand Hyatt-Istanbul, CVK Hotel Bosphours – Istanbul, Hilton Bursa Hotel, Almira Hotel – Bursa, Celik Palas, to name a few in Turkey.

The travel agent who attended this particular show were: 1- Mr. Bassem Mahmoud(Al Rukn Alyamani), Mr. Taher Nabil(Al Guide Travels), Mr. Hussein Alulaiteen(Transit Travels), Mr. Hossam Al Behairi(Al Deera Travel Group)Mr. Mohamed Al Mejri (Jean & Lew Holidays), Mr. Michel Azmi(Al Sayed Travels),  and were accompanied by Mr. Engin Aktas(Turkish Airlines) and Mr. Mohamed Ghoneim(

The next FAM trip was organized with a partnership with British Airways & Marriott Hotels, to GLASGOW, SCOTLAND (United Kingdom), wherein the leading travel agents from Kuwait got a chance to explore different properties of Marriott in Glasgow and the city as a VIP. The travel agent who attended this particular show were: Mr. Yasar Zaid (MAJESTIC TRAVELS), Mr. Mesaed Al Sehli (KOC), Mr. Ahmed Taher (KGOC), Mr. Ayman Timraz (AL MADAR TRAVELS), Mrs. Hiam ALI (AL GHANIM TRAVELS), Mr. Sabah Al Mutairi (Kapico Travel Group), and were accompanied by Mr. Sameh Sekina (Marriot International Kuwait), Ms. Malini Siridhar( British Airways) and Mr. Mohamed Ghoneim( – Kuwait)

After that, a FAM trip was organized to Estonia and Finland, wherein the leading travel agents got a chance to explore the two different cities and the properties they visited. The travel agent who attended this particular show were: Mr. Arif Ibrahim(Adam Travel), Mr. Hani Fathallah(Al Khamis Travel), Mr. Ma’moun Alotaibi         (Al Sanea Travel), Mr. Mohammad AlNamshan(Al Khalej Travel), Mr. Mohamed Bader(Como Travel), and were accompanied by Mr. Engin Aktas(Turkish Airlines), Mr. Saleh Wadi(Media  – Al -Rai News), Mr.Hamad Al Ali(Media – Instagram), Mr. Ramy  Kassem( – Kuwait)

Mr. Jaal Shah commented: “The FAM trips were a good opportunity to let the agents experience the hotels along with other popular attractions in the cities like Istanbul, Bursa, Glasgow, Tallinn and Helsinki, which will help them advice clients planning a trip to Turkey and United Kingdom accordingly.”

“The group enjoyed the trip and was very satisfied with the hotel’s quality and standards, and expressed their liking for British Airways, Marriott Hotels and the cities they visited. We plan to host more familiarization trips in the future as this is a great way to promote the city and receive more visitors from the region.”

Mr. Mohamed Ghoneim commented: “All our FAM trips were a great success giving the travel agents a chance to discover what these places has to offer. We will look forward to having such wonderfully crafted FAM trips for our travel agents.”


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