SiteMinder reveals top booking sites for Europe’s hotels in 2015

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SiteMinder reveals top booking sites for Europe’s hotels in 2015

SiteMinder, the global hotel industry’s leading cloud platform, has revealed the top 10 hotel booking sites in 2015 within three of Europe’s most renowned travel markets. The inaugural lists are based on the total gross booking revenue facilitated by today’s largest online distribution platform, SiteMinder’s Channel Manager, for the company’s hotel customers located within the UK, Spain and Germany.

“These lists capture the distribution channels that led the industry in providing one the most critical measures for a hotel’s success today – its online revenue,” says Mike Ford, co-founder and managing director at SiteMinder.

“Around US$11 billion worth of online revenue has passed through SiteMinder’s technology over the past year. This has been via both the third-party booking sites and Internet booking engines SiteMinder’s Channel Manager integrates with – including SiteMinder’s own product, TheBookingButton, which consistently features to show the increasing value that direct bookings provide for hoteliers.”

Speaking on the third-party sites that feature in the top 10 lists, Mr Ford adds, “With the ubiquitous headlines on market consolidation and acquisitions in 2015, it is easy to forget the role each individual brand plays in the decision-making and booking process of today’s traveller. SiteMinder’s lists of the top 10 booking sites for hotels highlight these roles in enabling hoteliers to increase their reach and conversions online – and to optimise all of their available inventory at any given time through the world’s leading distribution channels.”

The top 10 booking sites for hotels in 2015 were:

In the UK:

  2. Expedia
  3. TheBookingButton
  6. GTA
  7. Hotelbeds
  8. Orbitz
  9. HRS
  10. Travelocity

In Spain:

  2. Expedia
  3. Hotelbeds
  4. GTA
  5. Hotusa
  6. HRS
  7. Orbitz
  8. TheBookingButton
  10. Travelocity

In Germany:

  2. HRS
  3. Expedia
  4. Hotelbeds
  5. TheBookingButton
  6. GTA
  7. Orbitz
  9. HostelBookers
  10. Hostelworld
Source = SiteMinder
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