Increased interest for Hangzhou


Increased interest for Hangzhou

Increased interest for Hangzhou

Leading China tour operator Wendy Wu Tours is positive about the worldwide publicity for the ancient city of Hangzhou during the meeting of the world’s leaders at the G20.

Australian general manager for the company, Andrew Mulholland, says that although the capital of Zhejiang Province is one of China’s seven Ancient Capitals it has been somewhat overshadowed by the magnetism of major centers like Beijing, Shanghai, Xian and Chengdu.

“The publicity spreading worldwide from the G20 could unleash a burst of tourist activity from both first time visitors and repeat travellers looking to broaden their China experiences,” Mr Mulholland said.

He added, “Hangzhou has been named one of China’s Top 10 Innovative Cities by the United Nations and has a host of drawcards for foreign tourists.

“Dating back 2200 years, the city boasts attractions like the Zizi Wetlands, West Lake, and the Grand Canal as UNESCO World Heritage sites and has a great network of trains, planes, subways and buses contributing to an already vibrant tourism infrastructure”.

Mr Mulholland said that Hangzhou is featured in many of its comprehensive tours as well as options for the independent traveller.


Source = Wendy Wu Tours

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