The Oktoberfest App

The Oktoberfest App

The Oktoberfest App

The Oktoberfest App

Get the Oktoberfest onto your mobile phone.

The app is more than just a useful companion at the Oktoberfest.

The app contains useful information about every beer tent at the Oktoberfest and will guide you to the venue of your choice with its Navigator function.

The Navigator also shows you the way to subway and train stations around the festival grounds and guides you to important places like the Meeting Point or the Lost and Found department.

Add the logo to the photos taken at the Oktoberfest: The logo can be inserted in various places and leaves no doubt about where the picture was taken. Forward the photo right away by SMS or e-mail or share it on Facebook or Twitter.

Fun and learning are combined in the quiz, with the balance leaning very much to the fun side. Learn more about history and oddities of the biggest beer festival in the world by starting your quiz with five lives and a ticking clock. If you are happy with your results, you can share them via Facebook, Twitter, SMS or e-mail.

If you can’t make it to the Oktoberfest, you can get a great view of the celebrations with our webcams. They will bring the hustle and bustle from the beer tents and fun rides right home to you.

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