Brain training to a better agency

…..  5 whacked out ideas to build a better you

Self-improvement; a better you, a better boss, being better looking, being smarter. Door-to-door salesman selling “the book that will change your life” through to crazy drugs ….what we will do to make a better you.

I love the idea of building a better brain, being better and improving. My journey started in 2004 when I got a coach, started meditation through to brain training. As an individual, a boss and a dad who wants his daughter to have the best opportunities, I have an active interest.

The science on brain training through emotional intelligence is heavy but if you want something that is scientific and very readable is a book by Dan Hurley called “Smarter”. He documents his journey as he experiments with seven potential areas of making a better brain.

Do you want more out of your head? Investigate these five areas

If it works in the classroom. Pharmaceutical companies approve drugs that are initially tested on rats. Many new learning techniques are developed for the classroom. Kids are just like rats aren’t they? If it works on kids it will work for us. My grade 3 daughter talks about how they participate in mindfulness exercises, discussing resilience and keeping on task. In grade 3 I was trading footy cards.

Go barefoot. Classroom research showed increased happiness and attentiveness from kids who go barefoot in class. They enjoy feeling the textures between the toes and the freedom . They feel connected, they are less distracted and are happier in the classroom. Just make sure your office has good ventilation.

Brain training.  But it’s hard work. I have had some fun with Lumosity over the years. On one hand some say all that happens is you get better at the games and the skills don’t transfer. Other studies show doing memory training whilst learning a language leads to higher levels of retention. Other research shows some online video games are a great market for increased intelligence.

I just want the drugs. “Limitless” ;  taking a pill and suddenly being smarter is a romantic shortcut. There is one drug which is scientifically proven to make you smarter; nicotine. But doesn’t that give you cancer? If it’s not inhaled with the rest of crap in cigarettes , then no. Nicotine patches combined with coffee allegedly deliver clarity and improved awareness. Nicotine patches are easy to get hold of, LSD for microdosing not quite as easy…

Have a snooze. A 15 minute nap has been scientifically proven to make people more aware, attentive and able to retain information for longer periods. Improvements in productivity make up for the time it takes for the nap after lunch. Yet we still can’t put a bed under our desk .

But the good news is that merely beginning the journey of wanting to be better will make you better.

The process and discovery and hard work that goes into making yourself better, is proven to deliver in innumerable benefit. The strive and the focus on the investigation, even if it leads nowhere in a particular instance, is the proven way to making a better you.

Start your journey.


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