Travel Counsellors launch ‘Return to Travel’ programme

Travel Counsellors Love Travel

Travel Counsellors Love Travel

Travel Counsellors launch ‘Return to Travel’ programme

The awareness and interest in working from home is at an all-time high, and with an ever-increasing number of home-based models starting up it will create increasingly fierce competition in the industry. In response to a rise in enquiries from people looking to return to travel, and a growing need for this in the market, Travel Counsellors has launched a bespoke ‘Return to Travel’ programme enabling professionals with a passion for travel to return to an industry they love.

Return to Travel offers a new route for travel professionals with at least four years of experience, but who have been out of the industry for more than a few years. Travel Counsellors are looking to attract people that fit these criteria, who are truly dedicated to providing customers with outstanding service and care. Such people will not require intensive training but need refreshing in policies, procedures, and technology developments in the industry. The programme provides this refresher and equips candidates with all the tools, training, support and technology to run their own business as a Travel Counsellor.

Fred van Eijk, Managing Director at Travel Counsellors, said: “We’re seeing an increasing number of people who are looking to return to a career in travel but need some refresher training to get them up to speed with industry changes that may have happened since they’ve left. Travel is a complex industry but once you’re in it your passion never dies and the Return to Travel programme offers an ideal route to building your own successful travel business with all the additional support Travel Counsellors offers. This unique programme offers a potentially huge return on a relatively small investment, enabling travel professionals to hit the ground running after their training. With unlimited earning potential, and the flexibility to choose your own working hours, it’s the most supportive and rewarding way to step back into the world of travel”.

New Starter Business Coach, Kerryn Murphy, said: “If you have left a job as a retail agent more than a few years back, our ‘Return to Travel’ programme is specifically tailored for people just like you, who might be a bit rusty, but still retain a level of knowledge and experience that makes them more advanced than someone without any experience selling and packaging travel. The programme will allow them to reduce the time spent re-training and focus on setting up their own business alongside others who are doing the same thing, at the same time, at the same level. With a dedicated amount of resource and state of the art software, we really are positioned to support and help our agents achieve their dream”.

The Return to Travel induction training is made up of pre-induction online learning modules, one week in the office, 3 additional days of our two-day Super Seller training at 12 weeks, and then weekly remote meetings from you home. This includes training on in-house systems and technology; recent changes in the travel industry; selling skills; product and destination training; and comprehensive training on how to build a business.

The first RTT course commences on 21st August 2017, for which there has been a huge amount of interest already.

Travel Counsellors has grown year-on-year with a recent surge of new travel professionals joining. From humble beginnings in 1994 with only 3 Travel Counsellors employed, the international company now has over 1,600 across seven countries, with Australia increasing 10% in each of the last 3 years and on target to reach over 20% growth in 2017. Each franchisee runs their own personal travel service from home, with unrivalled Head Office support in IT, administration, finance, marketing and PR, all the way through to business development. Leading on service and putting the customer at the heart of everything they do, Travel Counsellors has become the world’s best-loved travel company.

It’s never too late to move forward so if you’re interested in joining the programme, please call 1300 889 123 or email to start your Travel Counsellor journey.

About Travel Counsellors

Travel Counsellors Australia was established in 2007 and currently has nearly 150 Travel Counsellors. Our head office in Australia is in Melbourne. Travel Counsellors Australia is accredited with ATAS. Travel Counsellors is the world’s largest home-based travel company. Founded in 1994 it currently has 1,673 travel consultants who work from home with the support of over 350 staff at the company’s UK global headquarters and overseas offices. The company operates in Australia, UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, South Africa, UAE and Belgium.

Travel Counsellors launch ‘Return to Travel’ programme

Travel Counsellors launch ‘Return to Travel’ programme

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